Courses Offered

Envirotech offers the following courses: which are conducted as open workshops or at the client’s request

  • Appropriate Instruments and Techniques —for complying with new ambient air quality standards.
  • Air Quality Monitoring & Management.
  • Introduction to Online Air Quality monitoring.
  • Comprehensive course on Ambient Air Quality Monitoring.
  • Monitoring Emissions from Industries and Mining.
  • Meteorology & Air Pollution.
  • Understanding Environment Laws and policies.
  • Met Data and Dispersion Modeling.
  • Shop Floor Pollution & Heath of Industrial Workers.
  • Assessment & Management of Work Place Environment.
  • Use, Operation and Maintenance of Indigenous monitoring Systems.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Air Pollution and Its control.

​Above are instructor led courses of varying duration. Please see our Training Calendar for course schedule or contact us for any specific requirement , Please visit courses conducted in the past for history of Training Programs.

ECRD also provide E-learning solution for your training needs please visit E- learning for more information.

For More Information on Course content, Please contact us, you can also visit the faculty page for information on Faculty.

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