IAAPC-Airborne Particulate Matter And Human Health:Perspective And Case Study – Garg paper

This review makes an effort to highlight the gaps and emphasize the need to carry out these studies. Introduction The problem of air pollution and health is of multidisciplinary nature. Some of the issues concerning this field (Holgate et al, 1999) are atmospheric chemistry, new methods for pollutants monitoring, epidemiology related to cancer, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases and experiments with animals to examine the effects of controlled exposure of a single or of a mixture of pollutants. The topics covered are brief comparison of PM with other air pollutants, major epidemiological studies carried globally, instrumentation used for estimating PM, techniques used to measure composition (in particular metals) of PM, metal exposure of the general population, the status of work in India highlighting the need to address the problem of PM and human health.

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